Joan Drescher

artist, author, illustator

Joan Drescher explores how art heals the body, mind and spirit. Practicing in her studio in Hingham, Massachusetts, she brings decades of compassion, observation and experience to her delight in creating art. Working in various media, she combines printmaking with collage, watercolor, poetry and other techniques, resulting in unique and engaging works.

Joan is author/illustrator of The Moon Balloon, a book that helps children and their families in the US and around the world cope with the stresses of illness and trauma, allowing them to express with art what sometimes cannot be said in words.

As Artist in Residence at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Joan joined with Judy Rollins of Georgetown University in 2010 to research how The Moon Balloon book helps hospitalized children and their families. The results clearly show an improved experience following a Moon Balloon intervention. This research has been published in professional peer review journals, with a call for additional inquiry.

Joan’s unique and colorful murals answer the need to humanize the healthcare environment in major US and Canadian hospitals.

In 2003, with Joan Borysenko, Joan co-authored and illustrated On Wings of Light, Finding Hope When the Heart Needs Healing.

She is a fellow at the Institute for Body, Mind and Spirituality at Lesley University, Boston MA; a certified Spiritual Director from the Claritas Institute in Boulder CO: and author/illustrator of more than 25 children’s books.